• Misleading statements lead to fear and confusion.

    You may hear people imply that only criminals are turned over to ICE. Some people even imply that most immigrants are criminals and  ICE somehow protects us in criminal matters. All such statements are wrong.

    • FACT: Immigrants have lower crime rates than native-born citizens do.
    • FACT: ICE targets all immigrants, not just those charged with serious criminal offenses. As ICE Acting Director Homan has said, “We shouldn’t wait for them to become criminals.”
    • FACT: ICE is only responsible for enforcing immigration laws, most of which involves civil charges, not criminal. 
    • FACT: It is our criminal justice system, not ICE, that enforces criminal laws for all people charged with serious crimes, whether they are citizens or noncitizens. 
    • OUR POINT: The County should stop acting as an informal agent of ICE and focus on criminal matters instead.