• Fear makes us all less safe.

    When immigrants fear that local law enforcement will turn them over to ICE, they are less likely to contact police, even to report crimes or cooperate in the investigation of crimes. 

    • FACT: All over the country, we’re seeing a decrease in cooperation with law enforcement by immigrants who fear contacting law enforcement.
    • PROBLEM:  Sheriff Driscoll recently  said that he doesn’t “see fear of law enforcement among people in Flagstaff.” But he didn’t say why he believes Flagstaff is different than the rest of the country.
    • FACT:  Those of us who work directly with immigrants in Flagstaff know first-hand that many local residents are afraid to contact local law enforcement for fear of being turned over to ICE. 
    • OUR POINT: When some members of our community are afraid to contact law enforcement, we are all less safe. We want a safe community for everyone!