• Email or Send a Card!

    Email your comments directly to  Sheriff Jim Driscoll at:  Sheriff@coconino.az.gov.

    Or mail him a postcard at: 

    Coconino County Detention Center,

    911 E. Sawmill Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

    You'll be most effective if  you write a message in your own words.  So please tell Sheriff Driscoll  —  briefly, directly, and respectfully — about your concerns. 

    Here are some suggestions for what you might want to say.

    • Express your opposition to the current jail practice of accepting ICE warrants. This practice violates the Constitutional rights of inmates as established by  the 4th Amendment. 
    • Remind Sheriff Driscoll that ICE warrants are not judicial warrants. They are simply requests by ICE to local law enforcement. Local law enforcement is not required by law to honor ICE warrants. This is something Sheriff Driscoll chooses to do. 
    • Ask Sheriff Driscoll why he chooses to cooperate with ICE and endanger undocumented members of our community. And let him know that his decision to cooperate with ICE makes our entire community less safe (because undocumented people are much less likely to call the police for fear that they will be turned over to ICE.)
    • Tell Sheriff Driscoll that you want him to make sure all people are protected by the 4th Amendment. Call upon Sheriff Driscoll to revise Coconino County jail policy so it upholds the U.S. Constitution.
    • Tell Sheriff Driscoll that current jail policies do not reflect the values of our Flagstaff community. 
    • Tell Sheriff Driscoll you are disappointed and even angered by the current jail policy. Ask him why he chooses to maintain policies that are mean-spirited and not even required by law.